Like any large town or city Glasgow has a good number of public spaces that look wonderful when the sun shines on the perfectly mown and well maintained grass.  Examples are sports fields, children’s playgrounds, business parks and shopping outlets.  Grass is literally everywhere in our day-to-day lives but the cost of maintaining all these green spaces can be a significant drain on the public purse.  Additionally, the weather is a factor that has to be considered so it is clear that an alternative option is sometimes necessary.

Well, Artificial Turf Scotland can provide that option.  Instead of natural grass why not opt for an artificial alternative?  The technology is in place nowadays to produce a grass substitute that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing.  The colour is natural, it feels good to walk on, sit on and, thinking of the playground scenario, it won’t damage delicate skin when children fall down on it.

Many people enjoy visiting the big out-of-town shopping malls that can be found everywhere these days and there is no doubt that attractive surroundings enhance the shopper’s mood from the outset. Before setting foot inside the mall the sight of lots of greenery – grass, trees and shrubs – will have a positive effect on most people.  It therefore seems logical to use  good quality fake grass in these kinds of situations. Strips of evergreen surfaces in between the parking and walking areas cannot fail to complement a well-designed shopping mall perfectly. 

The modern business park is another situation where artificial turf works perfectly.  The green areas surrounding the beautifully designed glass and concrete buildings could be a very expensive maintenance problem but with our product that problem does not exist.  It can be laid on landscaped areas, surrounding lakes with spectacular waterfalls.  It will be a permanent and durable surface both to admire from the office window and to walk on or sit on while taking a lunch break in the sunshine.

There are many sports facilities in Glasgow that can benefit from synthetic grass.  Football is mostly played on natural grass surfaces but many training areas employ an artificial option.  Tennis courts are ideal for this option.  Where an asphalt type of surface is not desirable artificial turf fits the bill perfectly.  The ball will have an even bounce and players will be able to navigate the court safely.  While golf club fairways will be natural grass the putting greens will definitely benefit from the Artificial Turf Scotland treatment.  With this perfectly even surface there would surely be no excuse for missing the hole!

So now you know the benefits, why not contact Artificial Turf Scotland for all of your Artificial turf needs. With their friendly service, excellent experience and great prices, you could be enjoying the look and feel of Artifical turf sooner than you thought possible.