If you want a pristine garden but have pets, you may think the two will never go hand in hand. However, this is not necessarily the case. Choosing the right design of garden is a must though if you have dogs, to ensure that during bad weather it doesn’t become a smelly muddy field.

Installing fake grass for dogs is a great way to ensure your garden stays, as it should do. Easy to maintain, clean and durable, it can provide the best playground for you, your family and your pets and it can be more hygienic too.

Artifical grass for pets will mean your dogs, cats and other animals can run around on soft, comfortable grass. They can use it all year round as there are no days that you will have to restrict the use of the garden due to bad weather, the mowing, sowing of grass seed or the use of fertilizer. Your pets will have a year round playground and they’ll be able to run off all that energy by playing to their hearts content. They will readily perform their toilet duties on the lawn and because it is artificial grass, it is much easier to get clean. Artificial turf blocks the stain and smell of dog urine and defecation, and will not be damaged by it. The same cannot be said of a normal grass lawn, which doesn’t allow you to remove all traces of dirt without at least damaging your garden. If you have kids as well as pets, artificial turf is the best way to keep your garden clean from any unwanted bacteria.

Boarding kennels have certainly benefited from the invention of artificial turf as they have been able to install artificial grass in their dog runs, which has led to a more comfortable and clean environment for guests too, so we’re not just limited to garden installations of artificial grass for dogs.

Another reason for installing artificial turf for dogs is that you’ll no longer have to put up with your beloved pet digging up your garden and there will be no more muddy paw prints in the house either. The joy of having a great looking garden that you and your pets can both enjoy is endless; you can enjoy some garden time with the dogs and not have to worry about having a major cleanup operation afterwards. Your dog won’t be told off for traipsing muddy prints through the house and you’ll be able to enjoy some quality time in your picture perfect garden, whatever the weather.

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