It’s very likely that most people who are considering saying goodbye to the old age chore of mowing the lawn in favour of laying artificial turf will be doing so purely for selfish reasons. In other words, it will be for their benefit alone, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Artificial Turf Scotland can design, supply and lay a perfect green space in your back garden and all you have to do is sit back and admire the view once it is done. Imagine that sense of satisfaction knowing that you will never have to mow another blade of grass.

It doesn’t just end there, this needn’t just be for humans to enjoy! Imagine the benefits of having such a top quality and natural looking green space. If you have a dog or cat in the house who, quite naturally, just loves rooting around in your garden. This is normal dog and cat behaviour but we all know what happens. They use the lawn as a toilet and you end up with the unsavoury task of cleaning up and that is no easy thing with natural grass. Urine is quite a corrosive liquid, so the chances are that sometimes your pride and joy will soon be reduced to a distasteful looking sight indeed.

Artificial Turf Scotland can provide you with the answer. Installing a perfectly flat and even surface that cannot be damaged by dog, cat or human which will have none of the disadvantages of real grass on a wet day. What you will be pleased to hear is that there will be no muddy foot or paw prints in your house after traversing the lawn. As far as that unwholesome cleaning up process is concerned, it really couldn’t be easier. A quick wipe and you would never know your pet had been there.

Of course this product is not just for use in domestic back gardens. Business premises can benefit as well. Many boarding kennels and catteries are seeing the benefits of using Artificial Turf Scotland’s services. Previously unhygienic and even uncomfortable surfaces are now covered in something that is easy to maintain and can be kept spotlessly clean. The health benefits to those pets staying there are obvious. Similarly, county shows and village fetes can benefit from artificial turf in those areas where small animals are being paraded or judged.

To summarise then, why would you get in touch with us at Artificial Turf Scotland? Well the obvious answer is why not! The product we supply not only looks fantastic but is long lasting, hygienic and is entirely fit for purpose. Whether the requirement is for domestic or commercial use you will wonder why you didn’t rip the grass up sooner.