Customer concerns:

I am getting on a bit now and needed to consider artificial grass as an alternative to my existing lawns which was wet and muddy most of the time was starting to take too much time to cut.

I wanted a good looking turf that will last for many year, and it had to be per friendly as I have a little dog who is my ride and joy.

We did a little test with him on a big sample before I decided to go ahead with the work and he took to it like a duck to water. 

Company undertaking:

Out job in this instance was to supply what we thought was the best artificial grass solution that covered all of this customers concerns.  Number one issue was her pet dog so the turf needed to be soft and hard wearing and also look good.

Customer review:

What a great choice I made, the company were just amazing to work with. Doing my artificial grass, building me a little sleeper wall and re-sighting my seating area. I have told all my friends how great a job you did for me and will continue to do so.

And please feel free to send anyone you like round to have a look at it.

Thanks again.

— Ann Wilson – Dunfermline