In 1966 artificial turf was first installed in an American sports stadium as a replacement for natural grass. Since that era, the growing popularity of this surface has exploded, with an increasing number of domestic users benefiting from artificial grass.

Chickens Love Artificial Turf

Surprisingly enough, it’s not just humans who love artificial turf. With an increasing number of families keeping chickens in coops in their back gardens, many use artificial turf as an alternative surface for their hens to wander about on.

The benefits of using the best artificial turf Scotland has to offer are widespread. The surface is easy to clean, will not get muddy and the high quality of this product means that the poultry are just as happy here as on natural grass.

Some poultry owners also use artificial grass to line their nesting boxes, and this provides the hens with a soft surface for egg laying. An article in The Daily Telegraph suggested that 500,000 households across the UK now keep chickens, and as long as the birds are vaccinated and their habitat conforms to local by-laws there’s no reason why this number shouldn’t continue to increase.

Using artificial turf rather than natural grass makes keeping chickens much easier and provides an environment that’s easy to clean, so that it can always maintain its pristine appearance.

The Rising Popularity of Artificial Grass

It’s not just chickens that love this surface. Homeowners across Scotland are using artificial turf in a variety of domestic settings. Whether you want to enhance the appearance of the front of your house, or replace your back lawn with artificial turf, or even set up a dog hotel and boarding service, as one of our clients in Annbank has just done, you’ll soon discover that this wonderful material is versatile, and pets adore it.

Another bonus connected with artificial grass, is that it doesn’t fade as a result of animal waste. You simply clean up the mess and the grass looks as good as new. You’ll also never have to use fertiliser again, so you won’t be exposing your pets, chickens or children to toxins, as you might on natural grass. You can also banish the lawn mower from your back shed.

Artificial Grass Benefits Everyone

If you’re looking for the ideal surface for your garden, why not switch to artificial grass. Artificial Turf Scotland offers you a wide selection of finishes, from Meadow to Woodland. Contemporary synthetic grass never fades and we offer a ten-year guarantee on our installations and our products. We also offer competitive quotations and our prices can’t be beaten.

With all the proven benefits of artificial turf, why not get in contact today. We offer a free no obligation quotation, and will happily run through the installation process with you. Your new lawn will look immaculate with the best artificial turf that Scotland has to offer. Your chickens will be happy too.