Right across Scotland an increasing number of families have discovered the benefits of laying artificial turf in their gardens. Use of synthetic grass is already widespread across the whole of the UK in schools and nurseries, as this surface is seen as safe for children for a number of reasons.

A Healthy Environment

The child psychologist, Abraham Maslow, has stressed the importance for a safe and secure home environment in order that the child will develop as a well-rounded adult. A garden where the child is free to run around, will add to their feelings of empowerment and confidence. Also, playing outside is seen as vital in order to develop both a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Traditional Grass v Artificial Grass

In contrast to artificial grass, traditional natural grass lawns can be difficult to maintain and don’t provide your kids with an even play surface. If a child falls during the course of their play, they may well hurt themselves, and get very muddy or their clothes will be covered in grass stains. . All of these problems are eradicated if you create artificial turf play areas.

We fall test all of our surfaces in order to minimise any accidents. This means that if your child does tumble as a result of their games, they will be landing on an even, and softer surface, than if they were to fall onto a conventional, natural surface. Artificial grass is also softer than natural grass.

Artificial Grass is Great For All Kids

Allergies are on the increase throughout the country, and by laying the best artificial turf Scotland has to offer, you’ll be making life easier for any allergy sufferers in your family. In the past many kids found that summer pollen from natural grass often precluded their ability to play outside. Once you lay artificial grass in your garden, your children will be able to play safely outside regardless of the seasons.

If you have trampolines, play houses and other objects in your garden, you’ll be able to leave them standing for long periods of time without damaging your artificial grass play area. We guarantee that our lawns won’t fade, and this surface has a lifespan of around 15– 20 years.

We offer a warranty on both our workmanship and our products, so that you can rest assured that once your new artificial grass lawn is installed it will stand the test of time, and your children’s play habits.

Trust an Experienced Firm

With fixed competitive prices, we offer the cheapest trade prices in the UK, and 18 years experience in the business, Artificial Turf Scotland can offer you an unparalleled selection of artificial grass finishes.

You’ll never have to worry about mud or mess from your pets ruining your child’s play area, as a lawn that’s covered in artificial turf never gets muddy, and animal mess can be simply cleaned up, without staining the surface.

If you want to find out more about this wonderful surface why not get in contact for a free no obligation quotation.