Artificial turf has its obvious uses. But like so many innovative products, it has far more applications than anyone could originally have imagined. By giving a ‘grass without the hassle’ experience, artificial grass has been utilised for a number of situations where even thinking of putting real grass down would have seemed downright silly.

Being such a flexible material, artificial turf has a huge range of uses. Read on for just a few of them.

Children’s Bedrooms

Can you think of anything worse than having an actual lawn in your child’s bedroom? Imagine the mess, the smell, the muddy laundry! But with artificial grass you can transform your child’s room into a football stadium or a jungle landscape. Imagine the fun they’ll have.

Exhibition Stands and Displays

If you are trying to sell an outdoor product, doesn’t it make sense to showcase it in its natural setting? You can’t always have an outside spot at trade events, exhibitions, or in shops. You can, however, bring the flavour of the outdoors inside with strikingly realistic artificial grass. Garden furniture, lawnmowers, even summer fashions all look much more effective on a grassy plinth.

Rooftop Gardens, Balconies, and Terraces

Town or city living used to mean you had to put your dreams of a garden on hold. Not anymore. Artificial grass can transform any roof space or balcony into a rural meadow. Add a few potted plants or vegetables, and you have yourself a perfect little haven to retreat to.

Private Golf Area

Not many people will have room for an 18-hole course or a driving range, but a small crazy golf course or putting green could be a very reasonable dream. Artificial turf doesn’t scuff like ordinary grass, so you can play to your heart’s content without having to worry about maintenance.

Festivals and Events

For many, grass is the ultimate festival surface. It’s also great for public events, providing somewhere nice to sit or stand, listen to music, watch a performance, or have a picnic. While it’s good for event-goers, it can be a nightmare for organisers. Artificial turf gives everyone the fresh, natural experience of real grass, whilst being durable, clean, and requiring little maintenance.


Some people love grass so much they want their furniture made out of it! And with artificial grass, why not? Where normal grass would soon become a brown, squishy lump, artificial turf is hard-wearing and functional. From cushions to rugs, it adds a natural quirk to any room, without the associated work of maintaining real turf.

Artificial Grass

It seems that artificial grass is limited only by your imagination. It can go almost anywhere, and be used for a variety of purposes. We haven’t even had time to discuss signs made out of grass or putting it in your home gym or around a swimming pool. If you have an idea, we want to hear it, so contact us today to discuss your wacky artificial grass dream!