Artificial grass has many temporary uses. As well as permanent installations for playgrounds, kennels and lawns, artificial grass hire allows you to add creativity and convenience to your event. From providing a durable sporting surface to livening up displays and exhibitions, temporary artificial grass can make sure your event has a large impact upon attendees.

From weddings and public entertainment to corporate events and exhibitions, artificial grass hire is becoming a popular choice. Here’s why.


Real grass may be a comfortable and visually pleasing surface, but it comes with many associated problems. Temporary artificial grass gives you a very strong surface that will stand up to heavy use where real grass would become squashed, scuffed, and muddy. For events with high footfall, artificial grass provides a clean, easily manageable floor. It’s also great for sporting events. ATS installed temporary artificial grass at the Commonwealth Games for the golf challenge, providing a realistic surface to play on that wouldn’t scuff like regular turf.

Ease of Use

Artificial grass for events is easy to install and requires little maintenance. Being made of a hard, durable material means that, while it looks like real grass, it requires hardly any looking after. It won’t develop scuffs, dents, or holes, which can be unsafe as well as unsightly. It doesn’t require mowing, and won’t lose its colour, so there will be no yellow patches in need of remedying. We used artificial grass for events in The Assembly at George Square Gardens during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for these reasons.


A section of grass in the middle of an event can become an eye-catching centrepiece that really emphasises a display or area. This was certainly the case when we used temporary artificial grass to transform a cobbled Edinburgh street into a grass area for venue The Roxy. The unusual nature of such a surface in an urban place or display makes it instantly memorable and ensures that your guest’s will have stand out memories of their time.

Natural and Manageable

Some products need to be displayed in a grassy area for maximum effect. This is not always possible, for security or logistical reasons. Artificial grass allows you to create a perfect outdoor display indoors. This is exactly what we did for Garrion Bridges Garden Centre, using artificial grass to make their display products stand out.

Artificial Grass Hire

Practical, durable, and unique – artificial grass hire has many benefits for your event. Its uses are only limited by your imagination. Get in touch with us today to discuss artificial grass for events.