Why Use Artificial Grass in Sport?

If you’re in two minds whether or not to go from a natural grass pitch to an artificial grass alternative, then perhaps we can persuade you to come over to the bright green side where the grass is low maintenance and the play is twice as good.

Natural Grass = High Maintenance, Artificial Turf = Low Maintenance

Any natural grass turf is high maintenance because it demands care and attention all year round, that’s extra with a sports turf as well, because it’s under so much use. Now, the summer is coming and if you have an artificial turf laid down, any outdoor sport throughout the summer months is going to be so much more enjoyable, without the constant maintenance and the cost that it incurs.

Artificial Grass – Popular Throughout Sports.

Artificial grass has proved to be so popular because of how easy it is to care for, and it’s quickly being adopted by different sporting disciplines, such as rugby, football, tennis, golf and hockey.

Good Ground Conditions Essential For Quality Play

The condition of the grass can have tremendous impact on the game, regardless of whether its football, cricket or golf. For more physical games like hockey and rugby, it helps players to stay safe and play better. Many sporting organisations are great supporters of the use of artificial grass, such as FIFA in football and FIH in hockey.

A ball bounces much easier on the permanently smooth surface offered by artificial grass, which doesn’t fall prey to weather conditions in the same way as natural grass does. Also, it doesn’t tear up in clumps, leaving uneven dry patches as does natural grass.

In bowling, the green is of tremendous importance to a good game of bowls, so an artificial turf is much more durable, and combined with low maintenance, allows for excellent play on an even surface.

Disadvantages of Real Turf

With natural grass, the maintenance can be costly and create a lot of work where man power could be better spent. There’s the cost of machinery to keep the grass tidy, and the chemicals needed to keep the grass in good condition and weed free.

With artificial turf the ground is much easier to maintain as well as being aesthetically pleasing, with a much more even colour throughout.

Training – Artificial Turf, Superior Training, Year Round

Many coaches are now starting to believe that an artificial pitch is also much better for developing sports in the young where they can learn better on a synthetic surface than on natural turf. Artificial turf is increasingly being seen as a far better alternative to natural grass for training, and it seems only natural that this should graduate to a more permanent thing for professional sports too.

If you have any doubts or queries you’d like to follow through before you take the leap into the world of artificial turf, then contact us and we’ll be happy to talk you through the advantages and low cost maintenance of an artificial surface.