Why Choose Artificial Grass?

By investing in artificial grass in Scotland you save money and help the environment. Because of the inclement weather we suffer in the UK, it makes more sense to have artificial grass because its low maintenance, kind to the environment and it costs less as a result. No pesticides, no equipment just an attractive turf that’s good to gardens and sports fields alike.

It looks good and for a garden where you may grow flowers and plants, a lawn made from artificial grass will add to the aesthetic appeal, allowing YOU to pay more attention to the flowers in your garden and less attention to the lawn mowing.

Artificial Grass, Scotland – A Great Investment

Artificial grass looks good throughout the year, and although there’s an initial investment, once its lain down, that’s it, you won’t have to mow it, weed it, or buy expensive pesticides and fungicides either with chemicals that harm the environment.

Low Maintenance Artificial Grass

Artificial turf is so easy to care for, freeing up precious time to take care of the borders and perhaps focus on shrubbery and plants, rather than on mowing your lawn. It’s quite straightforward to clean as it practically takes care of itself.

All you need to do from time to time, is take a brush to it occasionally, and perhaps take away the odd weed that may have grown through, but this is rare. You can also clear away any marks with some detergent, but nothing anywhere near as harmful as the pesticides you’d use on your lawn normally. It’s a world away from the hard work involved with natural grass.

Lay Your Artificial grass Anywhere

Any surface you may have will take artificial turf and that includes tarmac, decking, sand and earth. The only problems that may arise, will be if the ground is uneven, but this will only require a simple sand base to even it out.

No Pesticides or Wasting Water

If you care about the environment, then by having artificial grass laid you’ll be doing it a great service. There’s no harsh chemicals needed to care for it, and just as importantly, you’re not using water to keep the lawn moist to prevent it from drying out. No more hoses, no more water wastage.

More Money To Spend On Other Things

By spending less on maintaining your garden, you’re saving money in the long run. After the initial investment in the artificial grass, you’ll be spending less time throughout the year in maintaining it, with constant mowing, using up diesel, pesticides, fungicides etc. leaving you with more in your pocket, more money to spend on yourself and your family.

A Great New Garden From Artificial Turf Scotland

There are so many good reasons why you should invest in artificial grass and if you’re still not convinced, get in touch so we can talk to you about the many benefits of having artificial grass. Get in touch to discuss any queries and any other questions you may have, and once you’re confident about going ahead, we can organise having it installed in your garden for you – no more hard work, you can just sit back and admire the view!