Are you considering artificial grass in Scotland? If you’re unsure about it let us try and dispel any myths and bring you round to the beauty of artificial turf. This post will focus on exchanging artificial grass for real grass lawns for older people who may have retired.

The Pleasure of Gardening

Taking pride in your garden brings so much personal pleasure. As well as the hard work, there’s the experience of being able to sit out and relax in the garden looking out at all your efforts.

Slowing Down

Sadly, the older generation can reach a point where gardening has to be put on the back burner. This can be for a variety of different reasons, perhaps because of ill health or surgery, and because of that, changes in lifestyle naturally follow. With this in mind, many older people are now turning to artificial grass as much as other groups in society who are also doing exactly the same thing.

Artificial Grass – Less Hard Work, More Time to Enjoy Your Garden

Artificial grass is so much easier to care for and doesn’t demand anywhere near as much hard work as natural grass.

Just because you’re an older person, doesn’t mean you have to stop being active, after all, a more active life is always better than a sedentary one. However, it would make sense to drop the heavier jobs, e.g. mowing the lawn, so as to make the job of gardening so much more enjoyable.

Artificial Grass – The Advantages

Firstly, you don’t have to mow your lawn. All you have to do is sweep leaves off it occasionally and give an occasional wipe if it has gotten muddy from planting area – and that’s it. Once it’s installed it keeps its colour, no more yellow grass or bald patches. Cutting or watering is now obsolete as far as your lawn in concerned.

You’ll also find that you have no further need for pesticides or fungicides and that’s better for you and the environment.

If you have a patio area you can always install a small area with artificial grass to give it a fresh and natural look. Fancy a well maintained garden all year long, but without the hard work – artificial turf is the answer.

No Need For Watering

You’ll also find that you have no more need to water the grass during the summer, which will save you water and money on your water bill.

Artificial grass allows older people the opportunity to stay in their homes rather than selling because they can no longer maintain the garden, so although there’s an initial outlay at first, the savings are worth it in the long run.

No Hard Work, But a Beautiful Garden

You’ll have a great garden and less hard work. A garden that you can look out at, sit in during the summer, and spend time in without any of the hard work. You can look after your flowers and plants in the same way as you always have, but you’ll be able to forget about the arduous task of mowing the lawn – it won’t be part of the equation anymore. Let artificial grass give you time off from hard work and let it give you the peace of mind to enjoy your garden.

Get in touch today if you are considering having artificial grass installed or have any further questions.