Are you thinking about artificial grass but you’re not 100% sure? Perhaps you’ve heard stories about artificial grass and they’ve put you off? Don’t’ worry, because here at Artificial Turf Scotland we’re here to put those doubts to rest.

We’re going to debunk the hair-brained myths surrounding artificial grass, and we hope that what you read here will encourage you to think about artificial grass as a real alternative to you grass lawn.

Common Myths About Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass is Expensive

Have you been put off artificial turf up until now because of the potential expense? Well, let us debunk that myth from the get go.

Artificial grass is reasonably priced, yes there will be a cost to remove the already pre-existing lawn in order to replace it with artificial grass. However, there are different grass types that vary in price, colour, and materials used and how long it will last. You could easily choose something that suits your budget.

Whatever you spend at the outset will be money saved in the long run. No pesticides, no herbicides no lawn mower, no hoses. That’s savings on electricity and water as well as helping the environment.

It Doesn’t Last Very Long

Yes it does, artificial grass lasts for at least 15 years and in that time you save money and time in maintenance, freeing up your spare time to do other things. Just brush it occasionally and that’s it.

15 years is a long time and at the end of that you can either continue with artificial grass or return to natural lawn grass. However, we believe that once you have artificial grass you won’t want to go back.

It Doesn’t Look Realistic

Artificial grass is much more sophisticated and has improved immeasurably over the years. Installing it is quick and easy and the quality of artificial grass is such that, it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between that and a real lawn. You won’t be able to tell the difference and neither will anyone else. And it in its place – fantastic, lush looking grass.

It Needs A Lot of Care and Attention

No, artificial grass is almost maintenance free, all you need to do is brush it occasionally and pull out any rogue weeds that may have grown through, although this is rare. There’s no lawn mowing, there’s no need to hose in summer, there’s no need for the usual herbicides, pesticides, fungicides. It’s just so easy to care for, freeing up your time for other things.

Artificial Grass – The Truth

We hope that what you’ve read here helps you to make an informed decision. Artificial grass is a vast improvement on grass lawns. It looks fantastic all year round, and not just in summer, and it needs very little maintenance.

It’s cost effective and the initial outlay isn’t anywhere near as much as you’d think. Get in touch today with Artificial Grass Scotland and let’s get that artificial grass lawn down so you can spend time enjoying your garden.