There are many different types of businesses that might benefit from the use of artificial grass for events, including exhibitions, corporate events, weddings and displays. Exhibitions will benefit greatly from it as the turf is soft and doesn’t become water clogged and muddy. You even have artificial grass in office spaces too if the situation demands it. It’s easy to install and cleaning it is a doddle in comparison to real turf. It has a long life too, and it’s resistant to wear and tear.

If you want to use artificial turf then there’s no drama, it can simply be provided by the square metre so that it fits the space you’re using.

Artificial Grass For Events Can Handle High Footfall

If you’re having an event then there’s a good chance there’ll be a lot of foot traffic and with normal turf this would soon become muddy and waterlogged. However with artificial grass for events it will still retain its attractive appearance and remain looking green and lush.

Artificial grass for events can look really good and so fresh when used at trade stands, especially for agriculture, food or anything with an outdoor theme. A brightly coloured turf is going to be a real boost in attracting people to your stands.

What Happens After Your Event?

Simple really, after your event comes to an end you just remove the layers of turf and pack them away. You can then use them again for other trade events. That’s an investment that you won’t’ get with real grass and it’ll be there for other business events in the future.

An alternative option is to rent the artificial grass, Artificial Turf Scotland will carry out a complete install and removal so you don’t have to worry about it.

Artificial Grass is an Attractive Way of Displaying Products

Place your products on your artificial grass and you have a really nice display going on. It’s perfect for demonstrating your products which could be anything from agricultural machinery to garden furniture and barbecues.

Say Goodbye to Insects With Artificial Gras

When you use artificial grass for events it’s going to be immune to insects who are naturally drawn to real grass. There’ll be no holes, no mud and no maintenance.

Hiring or Buying Artificial Grass For Events

You can buy your artificial grass and keep it for future events, or you can hire it with a full install and removal service. 

Plan Your Events With Artificial Turf Scotland

If you’d like a stylish and attractive look to your next event then you should really consider artificial grass for events. It’s a definite bonus to any event and help it to be a real success. Get in touch with us here at Artificial Turf Scotland and we can talk through your choices.

You can buy your turf and treat it as a future investment, or you can hire it just for the event. Whatever your preference, you can talk it over with one of our team members.