Artificial grass has many uses and that includes sports. Question is, which sports is artificial grass used for? If you’re a sports enthusiast, you run a sports hall, or you’re a PE teacher and you think your school would benefit, or even if you just love sports at home in your garden, artificial grass can be a great asset to help encourage children to take part in sports.

In this post we’re going to look at which sports can benefit from using artificial grass, and hopefully, it should give you a good indication of whether it’s good for your favourite sport, or area of expertise. Once you’ve laid the turf, you’ll have many years of use, because artificial turf is easy to care for and is extremely hard wearing.

Revitalise, Encourage, Invest in a Sporting Future

A revitalised outdoor sports area can be of great importance in getting children interested in sport from an early age. It gives them an opportunity find out which sport they excel at most, so they can pursue it further if they wish.

Artificial grass plays a great part in this, by providing areas that are cheap and easy to maintain long term and although there’s an initial investment, it’s worth it and it pays back over time.

Artificial Grass Maintenance

Naturally, the maintenance side of things are important for any artificial surface in order to help keep its appearance and usefulness. However, there’s not as much hard work as there is with real turf. If you take good care of it, you are ensuring the lifetime of the turf, so you get maximum use out of it over the years. Keep in mind that the type of artificial turf you choose will largely determine the type of maintenance requirements.

Below are the some of the sports we believe are excellent for artificial grass.

Artificial Grass and Golf

Artificial grass is a popular option for practice and for smaller courses. The reason for this that unlike with real grass, artificial turf doesn’t get worn or patchy from constant use.

Artificial Grass for Football

Governing bodies promote the use of artificial grass and as footballers and managers have discovered, it is every bit as good as real turf. It provides a really great cushioned underlay so players can have peace of mind with turf that doesn’t compromise on safety.

Cricket and Artificial Grass

As you can imagine a cricket pitch requires great care and attention and with artificial turf which is practical and low maintenance, this can really save money in the long term.

Naturally, artificial turf needs to be well designed and laid by professionals. If you don’t, then your investment in artificial turf could be wasted. At Artificial Turf Scotland, we’ve had many years’ experience in laying artificial turf for many satisfied customers.

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