Once you’ve had your artificial grass fitted you may be worried about how to care for it during bad weather. Under normal circumstances your artificial grass requires little more than the occasional brush, but winter weather may throw some fierce weather at you, leaving you wondering whether there should be something more you could be doing.

Don’t worry, there are a few things you can do. Always make sure you have the right equipment to hand before you start, and be vigilant. Keep an eye out for rain, snow and frost and always be ready to take action. In our guide today, we’re going to give you some advice on what you can do once the bad weather sets in.

Keep Up With Regular Maintenance

Rake up any leaves in winter and brush as you would normally, getting rid of debris and leaves as you go. If you keep on top of it, you’re likely to win the battle in keeping your artificial grass in good condition throughout the winter months.

What happens when the temperature drops?

When the snow and frost arrive allow it to melt and drain in its own time through the artificial grass. Try to avoid walking on it in case the individual blades snap off if they’re frozen.

What if you want to remove frost and snow from the turf?

Use a shovel to remove the snow and frost, it’s advisable to do this without using your hands as this could possibly tear the actual blades up. Using salt occasionally will help dissolve snow and ice, but use it sparingly.


It may be a good idea to cover the artificial grass with a waterproof tarpaulin once you know there’s bad weather on the horizon. It provides the kind of protection that will keep your artificial grass in tip top condition throughout freezing weather.

Prevention is always better than cure and it helps if you have the right equipment ready and waiting. Make sure you have the waterproof tarpaulin we’ve already mentioned and a plastic shovel before the bad weather starts.


When you’re having your artificial lawn installed, it’s important you ask about drainage and make sure that your grass is able to drain properly. Water deluges during the winter months could be a serious issue if your lawn doesn’t drain well. So keep an eye out for waterlogging when the rain does come so you can do something about it before it gets any worse.

If you have your artificial turf installed with us here at Artificial Turf Scotland, then your artificial grass will be more than adequate in dealing with rain or snow as we take great care when installing it.

Quality Installed Artificial Grass Throughout the Year

If you have any questions or queries regarding what we’ve discussed today then please get in touch, one of our team will be happy to advise you. We have a top notch professional team of grass installers, so with us you’ll get quality artificial grass installation, giving you a head start before the bad weather arrives.