Whether you own a nursery, you’re in charge of a playground, or you have a modest garden of your own, you may find the grass hard to manage at this time of year. When the children are ready to go out to play, the whether has declared war over the grass.

It’s water sodden and muddy and difficult to walk and play on without slipping, even the lovely summer months bring with it dry sunny weather (if we’re lucky), followed by dry, cracked patchy earth. The children’s toys can do their own damage to the ground too, they’re having a great time, but the soil isn’t.

Artificial Grass – Puts the Joy of Play Back into the Outdoors

It’s a shame to leave the ground in the state it’s in, but it requires the kind of attention you simply don’t have to get it looking pristine again. Instead of that daily battle, why not have artificial grass installed in its place? It’s the perfect thing for tired looking natural turf that’s lost its shine, and provides a perfect play area for the children.

Artificial grass is a much cleaner turf to play on, the kids don’t come back covered in mud when they’ve been out playing football, and artificial turf won’t change colour with the seasons, so it always looks as good as it feels.


Artificial grass is also easy to maintain, there’s no need to water it, cut it or use harmful herbicides or pesticides to keep the weeds and insects away. It takes care of itself.


Children often suffer with allergies, due to dust allergy, tree pollens and hay-fever which is caused by grass pollen. With artificial grass you’re going to cut that out and allow the children to play outdoors uninterrupted.

Inspirational Fun

You can do what you like with artificial grass, you can have educational play features designed into the turf. Children can use it for play, but it can also be used for teaching children about road safety, or anything else you feel is relevant to your children’s development.

Artificial Grass – Great for Schools, Nurseries and Families

Artificial grass is great for kids everywhere, both at home and at school or nursery. It can be played on all year round, it has great drainage so it never becomes sodden with rain water. Children can go and play out on it throughout the year. It doesn’t fade for many years either, which means that the grass looks lush, bright and green all year long.

Artificial Turf Scotland For Your Artificial Grass Installation

If you’re now convinced that artificial grass is perfect for the children, then get in touch with us here at Artificial Turf Scotland and we’d be happy to install the grass for you. We have many years experience installing artificial turf and we have a knowledgeable and well trained team of professionals behind us. So get in touch and make your children’s time outdoors a great experience – all year round.