Are you thinking about artificial grass for your garden, or are you thinking about it and wondering whether it’s really worth it? I mean what’s so special about artificial grass, how is it better than natural? Is it really something you should invest in?

In this post, we’ll be addressing those questions and telling you why we think artificial grass is a worthwhile investment, and something you should get for your lawn or pitch. Naturally, we’re biased because we love artificial grass, but we know that many of our clients who’ve purchased artificial grass have never looked back and are now enjoying the many benefits it gives.


First and foremost, artificial grass is durable, so once you’ve made the initial investment, you won’t be spending much more except to clean it occasionally. Even if you know the grass is going to be subject to heavy foot traffic, there’ll be no muddy patches, no slippery bits and no mud to clean off.


That’s where we come to maintenance because artificial grass is easy to maintain long-term as well, because all you need do is brush it occasionally to keep away leaves and other debris. You can also clean it with water and perhaps some detergent, but that’s it.

Money Saving

You’ll save money as well over the years because unlike with real turf, there’ll be no mowing, or pesticides or herbicides either. In summer, you won’t have to water the grass either, unless you were giving it a quick wash, which you can do any time of year. There’ll be no need for water hoses so no worries for you when there’s a hose ban.

Always Beautifully Presented

Artificial grass looks great all year round, that means that when the weather is damp and wet, and natural turf looks pretty patchy and brown, artificial grass will still look as green and lush as it would during the spring. That’s great if you’re using artificial grass for sports, such as golf or football, the pitch is always perfect for a game, regardless of the weather.


Artificial grass is great for allergies too because if you suffer with hay fever then you’ll know all to well how bad it can be for during the summer months. You won’t have that problem with artificial grass, so you can go out in it all year round.

Environmentally Friendly and Useful

Artificial grass is environmentally friendly as well as aesthetically pleasing so you get a problem free piece of turf that will be useful 5 years from now as well as today. With the current inclement and unreliable weather that climate change has brought us, you’ll begin to see why artificial grass is such an excellent choice for 2016, no use of chemicals, no water wastage and a constant source of pleasure for families, sports facilities and commercial businesses. It’s a game changer and a real money saver.

If you’d like to invest in some artificial grass for your garden, sports facility, or business venture then get in touch with us here at Artificial Grass Scotland.