If you’re considering artificial grass for your garden then there are many factors worth considering, and perhaps by now, you’ve gone through most of them. However, the final hurdle are your pets. You have a dog and you’re not entirely sure whether artificial grass is good for them. Well fear not, because we’re here to tell you what your dogs can expect from artificial grass and whether it’s a good investment.

Artificial grass is good for your lawn for so many reasons. It’s affordable, durable, functional and it needs very little in the way of maintenance. It doesn’t need pesticides and herbicides either because naturally, artificial grass won’t attract insects.

Allergy Free, Non-Toxic Artificial Grass

This is good news for your dog because he/she can go out into the garden and play around in it without licking something that could be potentially harmful. Your dog/s can go out and play on the grass whenever they want, all year round and if they suffer with allergies, as they often do, then they’re likely to be allergy free too.

Dogs Will Love Your Artificial Grass As Much As Natural Turf

You’ll also find that your dogs will love the grass. Many people assume wrongly that dogs will be put off by artificial grass and that they won’t play on it, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Your dog will love artificial grass and run, roll and play in it just the same way as he/she would when it was natural grass.

Are you worried that artificial grass may not be safe for your dog? Well worry not, because all our artificial grass is non-toxic and therefore safe for all pets to go out on.

Dog’s Mess?

Concerned about the potential for damage to the turf by your dog’s mess? It can be picked up and discarded in the usual way, all of our grasses are permeable and although natural rain fall will rid you of any staining, you can clean it manually with a water hose or with a damp cloth.

So, to summarize, why should you invest in artificial grass as far as your dogs are concerned?

  1. Artificial grass is easy to clean, so don’t worry about any mess

  2. No muddy footprints from your dog brought into the home

  3. You won’t need herbicides or pesticides with artificial grass, so no risk of poisoning for your dogs or cats

  4. All our artificial grass turfs are non-toxic, so safe for all your pets

  5. Pets will love to play on your artificial grass lawn in the same way as they did on a natural one

  6. Artificial grass looks good all year round so no matter how often your pets play on it, it’ll still be lush, green and fabulous.

Artificial Grass With Artificial Turf Scotland

If you’re looking for artificial grass for your garden lawn and you’re unsure as to what’s right for you, then why not get in touch with us here at Artificial Turf, Scotland and you can talk to one of our team who’ll be happy to help.