Project brief 

The guys at Vodafone wanted to brighten up a pretty dull grey paved entrance to their office in Glasgow. 

They didn’t need a long piled artificial grass as there were no kids or pets playing on it. Just something realistic that brightened the area up and created a nice outdoor ambience for staff and visitors to sit in. 

Our Approach 

We recommended our Summer 20mm pile Artificial Turf for this project. It was long enough to look realistic and thick enough to withstand lots of footfall. 

We also advised a curved arc to also give the area a nice funky finish rather than just fit a rectangle or square. 

This is our 1st dealings with Artificial Turf Scotland and as promised they did what they promised and when they promised it. Very organised and polite in every aspect of the project with very good follow up advice. We as a company would and will use this company again for other projects.

— D. Wilson. – Vodafone