With so many sports events coming up during spring and summer, and of course the mother of them all, the Olympics, it’s only natural that our thoughts turn to outdoor sports. However, when you see it on TV, the facilities are always in excellent condition and the grass pitches are close to perfect.

Cut Out the Hard Work

Perhaps your sports facilities aren’t like that, with the winter not long having left, the ground can be patchy or muddy. There’s dry patches of bald earth with uneven grass and clumps of mud. You’ll be having to spend an awful lot of time and money in getting it perfect for any sports events. If you’re fairly vigilant, then perhaps you keep the grass in decent condition, however, it comes at a price, either you do it or the hired help does it, time and money are spent, and you’re still battling the elements.

All the Advantages That Sport Brings

Being able to participate in sporting activities all year round is great for so many reasons, it encourages communities to come to together, children and adults to stay fit and healthy, as well as encouraging a healthy bit of competitiveness. With an artificial grass year-round sporting activity several times a day on the same surface is possible without a deterioration in the quality of the playing field.

Save Money, Save Time, Less Wastage

All that money you spend on natural grass and its maintenance could be spent on sports equipment and much needed sportswear. So what’s the solution then? Well, how about artificial grass? A whole new field of grass that never needs mowing, watering or weeding, saving you time and money.

Artificial grass is extremely popular with golf because it gives a really even and smooth surface for playing. Football pitches also benefit from artificial grass because of the consistently high quality surface that’s tough and long-lasting.

Environmentally Friendly

Think about it – no more herbicides or pesticides, no more diesel lawn mowers and no more water wastage while try to feed your grass during dry months of the year.

Your artificial grass is free-draining as long as the ground beneath is porous. This means that water is drained through the fake grass surface leaving the upper part of the lawn nice and dry – ready for the next game with no puddles or muddy patches.

Artificial Turf Scotland – Experts in Artificial Grass For Sport

If you’re beginning to see the advantages of artificial grass for sports, and why wouldn’t you, then get in touch with us here at Artificial Turf Scotland, we’re here to help and we have many years experience fitting and installing artificial grass. Focus on the sports and forget about extensive maintenance work on your grass, invest in artificial grass today.