We’re going to talk about how your garden can not only add value to your property, but also improve the well-being of both you and your family. If you’re finding it hard to create some ambience in your garden, and make it look like an attractive and well-designed area in which to entertain and relax, then perhaps we can show you how. What’s more, we’d like to introduce to you the idea of artificial grass as part of your fresh new summer garden.

1 Artificial Grass – The benefits are endless

Artificial grass can really make such a difference to your garden, it’s made to such high standards today that it looks every bit as real and as lush as real grass. It lasts a long time too, so you get a return on your investment, that, and the fact that regardless of what kind of weather you’re going to get this summer, the lawn will look as green and as fresh as if the sun had shone all year long.

With artificial grass as the centre piece of your garden with a fresh green lawn, why not give your garden a better boundary? If it’s looking a bit weak and frayed around the edges, give it shape and identity with a boundary of roses or climbing plants, such as ivy or clematis. You can also try some panels made from quality hardwood or treated softwood.

2 Trees and Shrubs

Another great way to make your garden look picturesque is to plant some trees and shrubs. If you already have some in your garden, perhaps left over from a previous owner, spruce it up by clearing away lower branches, it could not only create extra space, but give your existing tree room to grow. You could also prune any existing hedges and shrubs into a healthier shape or even cut them into more interesting shapes.

3 Pots & Containers

Pots and containers are always a great idea and they don’t have to match either. They can be different shapes, sizes and colours and are a really lovely way of decorating a patio area or decking. Any plain stone or terracotta pot can be painted to give them a new lease of life.

4 Garden Furniture

You could also add a set of garden table and chairs for entertaining and an area for barbecues with a wood-fired fireplace perhaps. There’s even more reason to spend time out in the garden at weekends and evenings.

5 Flooring and Decking

You can also create valuable entertainment space with flooring or decking. A patio can have beautiful stone paving adding a style and elegance to your garden. Decking made from timbre is a beautiful addition to your garden, creating a valuable area for entertaining guests. It also looks extremely good as it ages over time due to weather.

6 Framing the View

You can also create more imaginative viewing of landscapes by framing them with trees and shrubs. This can also be done with hedges and gates. By framing the view, you give yourself a beautiful way of observing the landscapes to the back or even front garden.

7 Garden Structures

Garden structures such as a gazebo can offer great protection from bad weather, a sudden downpour during summer perhaps and there are many plenty of different styles from which to choose.

8 Water Features

A water feature adds a great focal point for your garden and the sound of running water is a great way of relaxing while sitting out in the garden and it could encourage all sorts of wildlife.

9 Lighting

Lighting can create beautiful ambience in your garden while helping you to spend more time out in the garden at night. You can also hang lanterns from trees and use tree lights on garden furniture. It needn’t be expensive.

10 Front Garden

Finally, make sure you don’t forget about your front garden, curb appeal is important and you should place as much importance to the front of your garden as you do the back one. Impressive front gates, great planting, climbing plants and flowers are all of great value.

And of course you can use artificial grass in your front garden as well as the back as a low-maintenance lawn that looks great throughout the year.

So there you have it, some great ideas for your garden, and with the installation of artificial grass you’d be well on the way to creating imaginative, colourful, beautifully designed gardens.