Summer’s here and ideally, you want to spend as much time out in the garden as possible. However, sometimes there can be problems with something as simple and as enjoyable as this. If you or someone you love suffers with hay fever, then summer is over before it’s begun.

As well as this, you’ve got to maintain the lawn throughout summer with regular pesticides and herbicides, anything to kill of weeds, unless of course, you prefer to dig them up by hand. After all, these chemicals aren’t kind to the environment, but who wants to spend their summer weeding? And of course, don’t forget your grass needs water to keep it hydrated throughout the dry spells in summer.

If you have a few days’ rain, then the grass is muddy, and you’re left with uneven muddy patches for future gatherings in your garden, perhaps you’d like to arrange some sports for the kids, a festival for your friends, or a wedding feast for guests. If it’s ruined by the weather, then you may have to cancel any planned events.

But there is a solution to all these problems and once you’ve made an initial investment, you have great lawn throughout summer, spring, winter and autumn.

We’re talking about artificial grass.

Let’s look at the advantages artificial grass:

  • No need to cut the grass so there’s no time wasted, you are able to enjoy your garden

  • No need to water the grass during the warm, dry months

  • No bald or worn out patches due to overuse, because artificial grass will stay looking like new all year round – ideal for barbecues and entertaining outside

  • Pets can play on the lawn without you having to worry about them digging it up or killing patches when they go to the toilet

  • Great for sports – never gets waterlogged or muddy and patchy from bad weather, so always available for games

  • Great for celebratory events like weddings and birthday parties

  • Great for people with allergies.

Artificial grass is the multi-purpose garden lawn that allows itself to be used for just about everything. It keeps its shape and colour throughout the year, so it never looks tired and dull. You’ll also find that artificial grass has changed considerably over the years so that it’s far more versatile and durable than it has been in years gone by. Artificial grass also looks like natural grass much more than it used to due to the sophisticated materials a manufacturing techniques used.

If you want an all-year-round lawn that lends itself to all activities and celebrations throughout the lazy summer days and nights, then artificial grass is the answer to your prayers. Yes, there’s an initial cost, but you’ll get so much back on your investment, because artificial grass has such longevity, lasting anything up to 15 years.

Get in touch with us here at Artificial Turf Scotland if you have any further questions, one of our professional team will be more than happy to help, and you can have that gorgeous evergreen lawn for your summer garden.