We’re going to be talking about artificial grass in the home. Yes, that’s right, artificial grass in the home. Perhaps you think that the two simply don’t work, but you’d be surprised. Don’t think of artificial grass as something you’d only find in a garden or on a football pitch. It can be cut to different shapes, it can be used as a rug, it can cover walls as well as ceilings or floors.

Children’s Bedroom

Artificial grass is popular for nurseries and playgrounds, but how about a child’s bedroom? What you’ll find is that artificial grass is versatile and hard-wearing, so it’ll last a long time, with little in the way of maintenance. It lasts so long that you get money back on your investment and it’s extremely cost-effective.

Artificial Grass Can add a Different Dimension to the Home

It can be used for parts a hallway or small room, or as a larger rug for a living room. It can also be used effectively on a terrace or balcony. It’s part of a growing theme now to bring the outdoors indoors, and artificial grass can really help bring a natural feel to any room. If you’re keen on a botanic, green interior décor, then artificial grass will add a fun and quirky addition to the room.

Playroom Surface

As we’ve already mentioned, artificial grass can really add something to a child’s room, but you could also have a separate playroom with artificial grass providing the surface floor. It’s the perfect area on which to play because it’s so absorbent and soft. If you have a room you’re changing into a family recreation area, then why not have artificial grass, it’s a great way of creating a natural looking play area for all the family.

A Pet Corner

How about a pet corner? A place where your pets can play is great and this is because it’s not only tough and durable, but it’s so easy to clean as well. All you need to maintain your artificial grass is a brush and sometimes a bit of water and detergent for any stains.


You can also use artificial grass for your patio where you’ll find a small area of natural beauty of your own creation can be a place of solitude and relaxation if you live in an apartment.

Depth and Character

Artificial grass has become a really colourful and fun feature of contemporary homes, adding depth of character to a room, and offering a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere to guests, as well as a great ice breaker! As we’ve seen it makes for a great corner garden for the pets, flooring in a child’s room or a family recreation room. You can also use it on patios, terraces and balconies.

High Quality Artificial Grass For Your Home

If you feel convinced you’d like to go ahead and have some artificial grass in your home, then why not get in touch with us here at Artificial Grass Scotland. We have a professional team of installers who can talk you through your choices. We have a great variety of different artificial grass types, so we can help you choose the right one for your home.