Who on earth would put artificial grass in the workplace?  You’d be surprised at how much of a difference it can make, not only to your environment, but to your well-being. If you’re not convinced yet, then read on.

The Beauty of Nature

Picture the scene, you go to work and you’re surrounded by the grey and black of modern life, the steel monochrome of paper clips and pins and lots of paper. No, artificial grass isn’t natural, but it’s more colourful and natural looking than the current environment you’re surrounded by.

Artificial grass brings a taste of the outdoors to your office, breathing fresh air into the barren landscape of your office.

New Dimensions

Think textures, colours and comfort for your feet. It’s artificial lawn space bringing you a whole new aesthetic, making you the envy of all your work colleagues. Don’t settle for grey, settle for something brighter and more colourful and add a new dimension to your work area.

Cost Effective Preservation

It doesn’t cost the earth to keep your artificial grass in good condition and it won’t need scrubbing and mopping, or vacuuming even, unlike conventional floor or carpet. No, artificial grass needs nothing more than the occasional brushing. The floor will stay as green and as lush as the day you bought it, with no discolouration or fading.

Unique Talking Point

Artificial turf as flooring is a great talking point, for clients, shoppers, any visitors to your office, whether it’s on a shop floor or in an open plan office. It’s a talking point when you have visitors to your premises giving you a starting point in any new conversation. Artificial grass will also give your office, your business even, a thoroughly modern feel and make it unique, so it stands out from the rest.


Artificial grass can be installed anywhere, on the floor or on the walls, it could really give a boost to the working environment, a source of conversation and it can be used almost anywhere, even over tiles and concrete.

A Happier Working Environment

Your staff will thank you for creating a fun and colourful working environment, that’s not just adding colour but is kinder to their feet! Unlike constantly walking on a hard surface, artificial grass is soft and bouncy to walk on, just like real grass and your staff will find it much more relaxing to walk on.

Artificial Turf Scotland – For High Quality Artificial Grass

If we’ve now convinced you of the joys of artificial grass in the workplace and you’d like to invest in some for your business, please get in touch. One of our professional team will be more than happy to help and they are all trained to install artificial grass in case you’re not keen on trying to do it yourself.