If you’re thinking of having a wedding outdoors, you may be concerned with the state of the grounds. If it’s muddy and wet, then this could ruin shoes and the edges of peoples’ dresses and pants. These may appear like really small inconsequential details, but if they affect how smoothly the day goes, then it’s important you get everything right.

No Muddy Trains and Wet Patches

This post is about how to make sure your day goes without a hitch by choosing artificial grass for outdoor celebrations, or even for just those perfect wedding shots. With artificial grass you’ll be able to avoid grass stains and muddy trains, so read on to find out why artificial grass is such a great idea for your wedding.

The Beauty of Artificial Grass at Your Wedding

Artificial grass is not only much cleaner and fresher to look at and walk on, it’s also green all year long. Even if your wedding is in the middle of winter, if you have artificial grass and you take photos in the grounds or in the garden of your home, artificial grass will still look amazing. It’s easy to install, you can do it yourself, or have us do it for you and then you’ll have a perfectly fitted artificial grass lawn that’s ready for people to walk on, sit on – and have their photographs taken!

Artificial Grass For Your Big Day

Places to put your artificial grass include in the aisle where the bride walks and at an outdoor reception, the grasses overall appearance of green lushness will really add something to the occasion, as well as adding something extra to the wedding photos. Photographs will definitely have a certain edge, with their patch free and lush green appearance, helping you and your guests to take centre stage.

Allergy Free Wedding

If you have guests who suffer with allergies then you’ll be glad you invested in artificial grass. You’ll find that grass pollen is much less of a problem for those who particularly suffer at certain times of the year.

Quality Grass, Installation and Service

Here at Artificial Turf Scotland, we have a versatile range of artificial grass for you to choose from for your wedding venue. Get in touch to find out more, a member of our professional team will be happy to help.