Artificial grass may not have entered your mind as an alternative to natural grass, but take a closer look. Look at it after it’s been raining. When there’s been a rainfall, it’ll probably be muddy puddles you can’t walk on or play on with the kids. In the summer heat there is also problems with unsightly dry, bald patches if it is used regularly.

With artificial grass you lawn stays looking great all year round. It’s green, lush appearance isn’t impacted by the variable weather, so you’ve got a beautiful garden for each season.

It’s Not Just About the Aesthetics

But apart from aesthetics, what other reasons would there be to have artificial grass – well how about for environmental reasons? If you have concerns about what you’re using in the garden to maintain it, then it might be a perfect time to change to artificial grass. Read on and find out how you could be helping the environment.


If you care about the environment, then naturally what you use on your garden is of concern to you. The use of herbicides and pesticides can have a significant impact on the environment, that’s why artificial grass is such a great idea. With artificial grass there’s no need for chemicals, it’s fine as it is, and if you’re concerned with environmental issues then you’ll be pleased you switched.

Lawn Mowers

There’s no need for lawn mowers with artificial grass, and if anyone does use them they’re probably not manual anymore, but petrol or electric powered ones. Think how if you have been using one, once you change to artificial grass you’ll be reducing carbon monoxide emissions.

Save Water

Your garden requires a lot of water, particularly in the summer months. When you have an artificial grass lawn, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to conserve water because your lawn won’t need it.

Artificial Turf Scotland – Quality Artificial Grass

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