Autumn brings rain, falling leaves and stormy weather and natural grass is really difficult to care for during this time. Artificial grass is a great choice as a replacement for real grass, especially during the autumn season. However, it’s important to remember that artificial grass also needs a little care and attention too, not as much as natural grass, but just enough so it stays looking its best through those autumn months.

These tasks can really help keep your artificial grass in tip top condition, so read on to find out how you can keep your lawn looking great whatever the weather.


Autumn means leaves, and as pretty as this looks in a picture, you have to think about removing them from your lawn. Using a rake may be a little risky with artificial grass, so why not try using a leaf blower or brush?


There may be other rubbish landing on your lawn and it’s not just leaves. If you do find all sorts of debris that’s blown on to your lawn, then you may need to take a brush to it. Don’t use one with harsh spikes, but stick to one with soft bristles. Softly brushing your lawn will remove bits of debris which may have been caught between the fibres.

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