Project Brief

This was one of the largest turf only projects of the year, where the big front garden was quite wet and sometimes very soft and mucky. The area itself sat right at the bottom of an old well, so it was always the case that excess water draining into the garden would be an issue.

The client had two young sons who loved to play football, however the back garden was not an option as it was mostly rockeries and shrubs.

Primary concern was that the more the kids played on the grass the worse it seemed to get. The customer lived in Manchester, but had seen so many images and good reviews he was quite happy to trust us to take control of his project.


Our Approach

Like every project The Turf Warehouse complete we have a view of what the finished project should look like and how we achieve that. This garden was fairly straightforward in terms of preparation, with the onus being on removing the thick soggy layer of grass that was retaining all the water.

From this point our next goal was to ensure we put an extra thick layer of crushed rock which would hold all the water in the future which meant no visible water on top of the surface once the job is completed. Once prepped properly it was all plain sailing with an amazing level finish that will never show any signs of water.


Client Testimonial

Absolutely delighted, had a good feeling about this company and the instincts were spot on. The 5 lads turned up first thing every morning, worked very hard and kept both myself and my wife updated on a regular basis.

We cant thank them enough for the obvious consideration and effort, the guys were a joy to have around the house and definitely not your average bunch of workmen so a big thanks to Steph for delivering on all that was promised.

— Mr D. Hanson