You may be surprised to know that artificial grass can be used in a professional sport settings, it offers the same if not a better playing surface for football, golf, and many other sports. Today of course, our focus is on professional football, so read on and see why the use of artificial grass on your football pitch could be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Iceland and France – Taking Advantage of Artificial Grass

Were you aware that artificial grass played a major role in helping Iceland to qualify for the European Championship? There’s an artificial grass football pitch next to every school there. Playing on synthetic turf on a regular basis helped to prepare them for their most successful tournament to date.

In French professional football it is a regular feature, and has been for the past few seasons. It goes back as far as 2010/11 when 2 clubs had artificial grass installed in their stadiums. Football teams such as FC Lorient, La Berrichonne de Chateauroux and AS Nancy Lorraine, have found that playing on artificial grass has been a positive experience.

Less Maintenance, More Play

The use of artificial grass brings with it many benefits, which professional football teams are now beginning to realise. An artificial grass football pitch will require little in the way of maintenance, unlike natural grass, and produce significant energy savings because the pitch rarely needs heating up during the cold winter months. After an initial investment, an artificial turf will last for at least 5 years, in which time there can be plenty of play.

No Mowers, No Pesticides, No Bald Patches

The beauty of artificial grass is that it can be maintained in such a simple way that there’s no need for mowers, or any sort of pesticides to keep it in good condition. There’s no need to worry about whether there are any bald patches and the muddy wet puddles football clubs had to contend with in the past. It also looks good all year round, even through the rainy season and the frost and snow.

Artificial Grass, Perfect For Your Football Pitch

If you’re now looking to replace your existing natural grass pitch with artificial grass, then get in touch with us here at Artificial Turf Scotland. We have a variety of turfs and we can help you choose the right one. Cut back on the maintenance, the mowing, the constant warming of the pitch in poor weather, get your team have the kind of pitch they deserve.