If you’re installing artificial grass yourself, then it’s usually on a flat surface. However, if you’re going to install on a slope then you may be wondering how you can do this successfully without any kinks or ridges. In today’s post we’re going to telling you how to install artificial grass on a slope and hopefully, by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll feel confident enough to try it yourself.

Who Needs the Extra Maintenance of Natural Grass?

If you’re toying with the idea of artificial grass for your garden then you’ve probably already come to the conclusion that the general day-to-day maintenance of real grass can be tiresome and expensive. When you take into consideration the weeding, watering, mowing and fertilising involved in the upkeep of natural grass, it’s no wonder that people are now turning to artificial grass instead.

Getting Started

Naturally, to start off with you need to clear the area ready so you have a relatively smooth surface. Following this, it’s advisable to lay hanging timbers. The reason is that it will stop the grass from sliding down, and by installing timbers along the top you will stop this from happening. Also if possible, install them around the perimeter of your slope and apply some granite dust across the surface. You can also use a large piece of timber to bind the dust into place.


A membrane on top of the granite you’ve lain on the surface is a good idea as this helps it to bind to the sloping bank and void the inevitable scenario of the grass sliding down the slope.

Laying Your Artificial Grass

Now it’s time to fit the artificial grass. Line it up and then nail it to the timber you’ve lain down in advance to prevent it from moving. Nail the joins down so the grass will lie flat. Once the grass has been satisfactorily fitted to the bank, you can then sand it in order to push the grass well into the bank.

Power it Up

A power brush will be the final step in securing your grass, and then you’ll be done. There will be some maintenance needed throughout the year to keep your artificial grass in tip-top condition, but this will be minimal in comparison to what’s needed if you still had natural grass.

Talk to the Experts About Artificial Grass Installation

If you still have questions about laying artificial grass on a sloping bank, or you have questions about installing artificial grass in general, then get in touch with us here at Artificial Turf Scotland, one of our professionally trained installers will be more than happy to talk you.