A recent landscaper survey has revealed that artificial grass is booming now and it’s easy to see why. There are lots of related trends on the up too, such as outdoor kitchens and lighting, and artificial grass is growing in popularity every year.

Maintaining a Garden Can Be Costly

It follows a trend for those who are less keen to spend time maintaining their gardens, artificial grass offers a release from those responsibilities. People’s time is precious and what with spending time working, raising a family and the cost of maintaining a garden, more and more people are opting for gardens which offers less hard work and expense.

Less Work, More Time to Enjoy Your Garden

It’s only natural that artificial grass would rate highly with customers because once it’s installed, there’s so much less work involved in caring for it, apart from the odd brush and removal of debris. You no longer have to spend your time mowing the lawn, scarifying, laying down moss treatment and using herbicides and pesticides which are costly. No, artificial turf offers freedom from all this for those who are time poor. It also gives those with allergies some relief too, it means they can go out and enjoy themselves in the garden without sneezing and coughing constantly.

Worried About the Cost?

Although you may be concerned about the initial investment, you’ll find you get your money back over time, because without the need for a mower, garden equipment and chemicals and treatments natural grass needs, you’ll see what a great idea it was to invest in it. We also have a whole range of green grasses and a budget to suit your pocket, so don’t dismiss it’s something you can’t afford.

Growing Popularity of Artificial Grass

It’s easy to see why the survey reveals such a high number of people investing in it, it’s gone up by 80% and with that in mind, it’s a clear indication of how pleased people are with artificial grass. Once you’ve lain it you’ll be able to use it all year round, and as well as that you’ll find artificial grass looks good throughout all the seasons, even when it’s autumn or winter.

If it’s been persistently raining or there’s been frost and snow, then natural grass usually looks a little worse for wear. There can be muddy puddles and bald patches where the grass has deteriorated. However, with artificial grass this isn’t a problem, because it stays looking good all year long.

Artificial Grass Specialists

If you have any questions regarding artificial grass, please get in touch and one of our professional team will be more than happy to talk through your concerns and answer your questions. Don’t let your garden get the better of you, get the better of it – with artificial grass.