Perhaps it’s nothing more than semantics, after all, surely astroturf and artificial grass are the same? We’re going to be looking at the term ‘astroturf’ and exploring its history and meaning.

Astroturf in Porfessional Sport

If you have a grass covered pitch within a stadium, it is often shaded by a roof which means it won’t get enough sunlight. However, artificial grass, or astroturf, ensured this doesn’t matter, because they remain evenly lush and green throughout the year regardless of the weather conditions.

Astroturf Early Use in the 1960s

It was in the 1960s when artificial grass first gained wide attention as it was introduced at the Houston Astrodome, an indoor stadium that was home to the professional baseball team the Houston Astros. It was during this time that artificial grass became to be known as ‘astroturf’ due to its association with the team.

Astroturf Popularity Grows

Throughout the 1970s, astroturf came to prominence in both Canada and the U.S, used both at indoor and outdoor stadiums for American football and baseball. Many teams opted for astroturf because it was very expensive to maintain a natural turf field indoors. Teams who played at outdoor stadiums chose astroturf as well to reduce their maintenance costs, especially those situated in areas with colder climates and unforgiving winters.


Reduced Maintenance and Improved Water Conservation

Now of course since the 1990s, astroturf has become increasingly popular in residential and commercial properties. It has many advantages for gardens especially with a reduced maintenance and water conservation in drought prone areas. In commercial properties, it looks great and stays in fantastic condition for longer, again with less need for maintenance.

Astroturf or Artificial Grass – A Fantastic Surface

Whether you choose to still call it AstroTurf or artificial grass, what does remain true is that it it provides a fantastic surface for sports, commercial and domestic use helping to save time and money. No more extensive maintenance, focus on the plants and flowers, playing with the kids and relaxing in the garden.

Contact us if you’re thinking of investing in artificial grass, and one of our experts will be more than happy to help you make an informed decision on which type of artificial grass is right for your garden.