If you’ve been struggling with a natural grass garden for years, then you’ll understand how hard it is to maintain in winter. With this in mind, you may have decided that you’ve just about had enough and that you’re now ready to consider artificial grass as an alternative to all that mowing, watering and general up-keep.

Low Maintenance

One of many things you’ll be glad of with artificial grass in winter is that requires little to no maintenance. This is because it doesn’t need mowing, which means you save on electricity or diesel and, most importantly, time. There’s be no need for pesticides or herbicides, so you’ll save money here too and it’ll be safer for pets and children.

A Beautiful Green Lawn – All Year Round

What better than to have beautiful lush grass in winter, much as you would in spring and summer? With artificial grass that is exactly what you will get, a beautiful green lawn that keeps its colour and shape with no bald or muddy patches. Artificial grass will always look good even when the grounds are frozen. Natural grass can look patchy and waterlogged in winter and that’s not great to look at or for kids to play on. With artificial grass, your garden will be a good place to spend time in regardless of what kind of weather it has seen. Artificial grass will make you want to spend more time in it even when it’s cold, and it’s so easy on the eye. 

Sports and Artificial Grass in Winter

If you run a sports venue, then you’ll see the advantages of artificial grass, especially in winter. If games are cancelled due to bad weather, then it can mean delays in getting your team out there. On the other-hand, with artificial grass you’ve got an even surface that has no dry or bumpy patches and it’s easy to clear after any snowfall as well as draining freely following periods of heavy rain.

Play Outside All Year Round

Children and pets can go out and play on it all year round then, because you won’t need to worry it’s not safe, that it’s too slippery or muddy. Artificial grass is a worthwhile investment, because in the long-term you’re going to save money that would otherwise have been spent maintaining a natural grass lawn. Add to that a garden that’s safe to play in throughout the year with gorgeous looking lush green grass, and your garden is a winner. Contact us to find out more about having artificial grass installed in your garden and avoid the winter blues.