If you’ve decided on having artificial grass installed in your garden your next concern might be how to install it. Many people are concerned about the installation process, and as a result there are those who won’t have it installed at all. However, a lot of myth surrounds artificial grass and we’re here to debunk most of these high tales today.

Installation Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

There are those of you who think that artificial grass is expensive and that the installation process is so difficult it can only be done by a professional, adding to the expense. This isn’t true. Here at Artificial Turf Scotland, we know that our artificial lawns are suitable to be used in all residential and commercial properties and can be finished in only a few hours, transforming your outdoor space completely.

An artificial lawn will free up your time considerably once you’ve had it done, because you won’t have to mow it, use pesticides, fertiliser or weed killer either, plus there’s no watering required, so that saves you money on your water bill.

Maintaining Artificial Grass

Maintaining your lawn is relatively simple, you’ll only need to brush it occasionally so you remove any debris or dirt that accumulates, especially after it’s rained, but that’s it. You can wash it gently with a gentle detergent and some water too, every now and again, but don’t use a pressure hose as you could damage the infill.

Take Care of Your Artificial Grass

It’s best not use a BBQ on your artificial grass as this could damage it, and don’t leave any heavy objects lying on it for too long as this can have an impact on the soil beneath. When you have snow, it will drain away like rain does, and you’ll find that solid pet waste is easy to remove and doesn’t sink into the surface the way it does on natural grass, and liquid waste will drain through easily.

You’ll find that artificial grass will make some really positive changes to your life and if you spend a lot of time outdoors, you’ll soon notice the difference. The lack of care needed to look after it, how lush and green it looks all year round, and how great it is to simply walk and play on, are all things you will notice

Artificial Turf Scotland – First Rate Installation Service

If you really don’t want to install the grass yourself, then let us do it for you, we have a great value for money installation service for all our customers, and if you’d like to take advantage of it you can get in touch today.