It is oftened assumed that grass is for the lawn and it’s for the outdoors but you’d be surprised at what you can use artificial grass for as well as the garden.


Many businesses use it indoors because it’s a great surface to walk on, and also gives it that fresh, colourful feel when you walk into a room. What better surface is there for your feet than the feel of green grass and so much more promising than thin carpet or cold linoleum.

In the Home

And it’s not just businesses either, some homes have it too. Yes, grass in the home, but stop and think for a moment about how great it can actually look. If you’re thinking of adding botanical feel to the place, or you’re looking at a particular theme or colour scheme, then artificial grass could add something special. You could even add it to a kid’s bedroom for that extra soft friendly surface and bright colour, you could match it to the colours of the walls and/or furniture.

Artificial Grass For Boats

You may find it hard to believe but we also know that artificial grass is good for boats too. A walkway drenched with water during stormy, choppy weather can be treacherous to walk on but with artificial grass, you can at least have a better surface to walk on with a grip for your feet. It’s slip resistant and very durable so falling is less likely to happen if you have artificial grass.

Ponds With Artificial Grass Surround

How about a grass surround for your pond, so rather than have soggy, muddy and slippery grass around your favourite water area, you’ll have a dry, even durable surface. And artificial grass doesn’t look fake, the methods for creating it has changed over the years and it’s a much more sophisticated and convincing material.

Reptile Tanks

So, if you have a tank full of your favourite creatures, maybe a couple of lizards and the odd snake, then artificial grass would make a great surface and it’s durable, so no matter how often your snakes slither along it, it’ll be able to take the pace.

Yoga Mats

Yes, a grass yoga mat is the perfect way to feel like you’re doing it outside in the open air, and with typical unpredictable British weather, a yoga mat gives the feel of the outdoors without the accompanying rain and hail.


Finally, a rooftop garden can benefit from a lifelike grass surface with added plants, shrubbery and garden furniture, yes you can be several floors up in the city, but still enjoy nature.

Artificial Turf Scotland – Quality Artificial Grass

If you’re looking to buy artificial grass for your outdoor or indoor venture, whether it’s something more unusual like a boat or a reptile sanctuary, get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk you through our excellent range of grasses.