We’re looking at how to care and preserve for your artificial grass. Artificial turf has a great reputation in that it can last for many years, anything up to 15 years in fact. What’ll help your grass make the distance is diligent care and attention, and a little clean every now and again. It could make all the difference in how long it lasts, giving you and your family years of pleasure.


One great way of keeping your lawn really tidy and clean, and help to prolong it, is by using a brush. Try and find the time to do it at least once a month. Brushing once a month will ensure your pile stays in excellent condition with blades upright and keeping its healthy bounce. Don’t use anything too harsh, a soft bristled one is enough, and remember that during the summer season it may be better to increase the brushing to more than once a month because of the dust and humidity of summer.

Pets and Artificial Turf

If you have pets, dogs especially, then your artificial grass may need a little extra care and attention. We recommend if you are a dog owner purchasing a shorter artificial grass which is specifically tailored to your pets. You can remove solids easily, but don’t leave them lying on the grass too long in case it stains the grass, although you can use a gentle detergent to remove any stains. Brush a little more often and liquids will drain away through the surface just like natural grass.

Seasonal Care

Artificial Grass, Snow and Ice

In winter, there’ll be drops in temperature with frost, and even snow. If snow piles on your artificial turf then if it’s trodden on it can turn into ice and form layers, which can damage the fibres if you walk on it. Remove the snow and ice carefully by hand, and be gentle so you don’t accidentally snap turf fibres. It’s also a good idea if you avoid walking on it until the snow has gone.

If you get light snow, then it should just disappear by itself without causing harm. If you feel you don’t want it there, then salt can help remove it quickly, but don’t use too much.

Artificial Grass and Drainage – Rain

Make sure your artificial turf is draining as it should, because once ice and snow start to melt it can cause problems for you. There’ll be no puddles or deluges of water if it’s been installed properly and it’s draining as it should. Keep an eye on it after rain so it doesn’t become damaged from water logging.

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We sell a versatile quality selection of different grasses, and there’s bound to be one that’s suitable for you if you haven’t succumbed to its numerous benefits just yet. If you already have artificial grass/turf and you have questions about what we’ve discussed today, or you have any other grass-related questions, please get in touch with us here at Artificial Turf Scotland and we’ll be more than happy to help.