Question is, can you use artificial grass around hardscapes? The answer is most definitely yes. However, it can be a little tricky trying to install artificial grass around paths and walls in a heavily landscaped garden. Artificial grass is becoming an increasingly realistic choice for those who don’t have the time and attention to give a natural lawn needs.

Artificial grass for a fresh and vibrant look

When combined with the multiple colours of paving or the soft stone of a garden wall, artificial grass can give your garden a fresh and vibrant look. And it can look this way right through summer and not just in the gloomy winter months. So, how can you install your artificial grass alongside hardscapes successfully?

A mixture of pavers and bricks or just one

If you’ve already put down your pavers and bricks then that’s fine, but if you haven’t make sure you’ve planned it carefully, and make sure you lay it before you put down the artificial grass.

A mixture of textures or one standout feature

Have a mixture of textures is okay, but one stand out feature like brick or rock is even better. You could use a different texture for edges. You could use artificial grass or hard paving, rock or plastic, but don’t go for too many details or you’ll have a garden which looks a little too busy.

You can pair up the artificial turf and hardscape beautifully for a visually attractive look and by creating a zone for children and pets you can leave the artificial grass to look pretty.

Pull it taut and provide an infill if you want

You can pull the artificial grass taut using nails around every 6 to 7 inches, this is usually known as spiking. You can use infill materials to secure it such as sand or pellets. Rubber pellets are good for heavy foot traffic while sand can help obscure the weaver of your artificial grass. It’s not absolutely necessary however, so if you don’t want this extra expense don’t do it, it’s purely for aesthetic reasons.

Finish off with your durable, long-lasting artificial grass

Use a broom to brush the blades into an upright position and your grass should develop a natural appearance, once which will be long-lasting. Anyone who reads our blog will know by now how reliable and durable artificial grass actually is because it’s so hardwearing. So, after your initial investment you’ll get back what you paid with all the money you’ll save on weeding, chemicals, mowing and watering.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask about artificial grass or landscaping, then get in touch us with here at Artificial Turf Scotland. We’re here to help and we’ll be glad to answer your questions, so give us a call.