What you may be surprised to learn is that artificial grass is great for play areas too. Artificial grass, with its bright, lush colour is great for encouraging children to play outdoors and help with their development in play. It’s a vibrant area that can be enhanced with the right equipment and attention so they are fully immersed in play activities.

Playground fun

If you work carefully with your playgroup/nursery team you can create an amazing play area that will turn all your ideas into the most imaginative playground for those little ones in your care. It’ll make the playground a place that children enjoy playing in and motivate them to go outside more often.

Great drainage

Another advantage of artificial grass as opposed to natural is that it gives great drainage and that means children won’t be coming in to the nursery covered in grass, sand or mud. When it’s been raining and children go out to play on it after it’s stopped, grass and mud cling to their clothes and shoes, then they drag it into the building with them. There’s no more of that with artificial grass.

Clean, dry surface for children to play on

Artificial grass also offers a clean soft surface for children to play on. Their falls, trips and scrapes are cushioned from cuts and grazes and there’s always a soft landing when they fall over. It won’t stop them from having accidents altogether, but what it will do is give children a soft comfy area in which to play, run and jump with confidence.

Say goodbye to the discomfort of allergies

We mentioned allergies briefly a little earlier and we know how miserable it can be if you do suffer with them. With artificial grass, you can eliminate a lot of those problems for the children in your care while they’re out playing. They can go out and play without worrying about sneezing, coughing and those all too familiar runny eyes. Artificial grass is a great solution for those kids who suffer allergies largely related to grass pollen.

Durable and looks good all year round

You’ll also find that artificial grass is long-lasting and very durable so you’ll get plenty of wear out of it and a return on your investment. What’s more it won’t get covered in dry bald patches in summer or muddy puddles in autumn and winter when it rains. It won’t need re-seeding, mowing or treated for pests either, because artificial grass is fine as it is with only the occasional brushing and wiping necessary.

Artificial Turf, Scotland for the best in artificial grass for any surface

Convinced that artificial grass is right for your play area? Then get in touch! At Artificial Turf Scotland, you’ll find some versatile ranges of artificial grass which are suitable for almost any surface – including a child’s play area. So, give us a call or drop in and we can discuss your needs, say goodbye to misery of natural grass and hello to hours of happy play with artificial grass!