So, you’ve decided to invest in artificial grass and you’re going to install it yourself? If this is the case then perhaps you need some tips on how to get it right first time? We can go better than that by providing what we believe to be the kind of mistakes you should be avoiding, so you get a stress-free installation.

Make Sure You Pick The Right Grass

Before you start anything else, make sure you pick the right grass for your property. There are a number of different ones to choose from, considerations will be budget, the kind of look you’re after, and how active you’re going to be when you use it. Will you be using it for sports for instance, do you have children and pets? Try to find one that is friendly to the environment – this type of artificial grass consists of old artificial grasses which have been recycled.

Cheap Doesn’t Mean Good

Also, don’t buy cheap artificial turf thinking you’ll save money. You won’t in the long-term because it won’t last as long, it won’t perform as well and it won’t look as good either. Buy one from good quality retailers who specialise in artificial grass – such as ourselves here at Artificial Turf Scotland.


You need artificial grass to come with good drainage, as a rule artificial grass gives good drainage, better in fact than natural grass, but if you don’t buy a good quality grass then you’re not going to get that excellent drainage facility. You will need to also purchase a base and this will help rainwater drain away.

If you’re not careful when you install, you could wind up with a bumpy surface. How does this happen? Well it’s similar to having a carpet that hasn’t been laid properly with decent underlay. What you’re aiming for is a smooth surface so it’s important that you get all aspects right from the get go. Start with the base and then lay the artificial grass over it.

Correct Tools

You’ll need the right tools to get you started, without it you might make mistakes. You won’t have all you need in the cupboard under the stairs for your installation, you’ll need to buy in more specialised equipment. It’s up to you whether you buy or hire your tools, but hiring them might be a better option, some of these tools you may never need again – unless you’re thinking of becoming an artificial grass installer.

Artificial Turf- For Quality Artificial Grass In Scotland

Home installation isn’t for everyone. It might not be something you feel confident in doing yourself, and if that’s the case, then let us do it for you. We can professionally supply and install your artificial grass in your home just the way you like it. Get in touch today to find out more.