Perhaps you’ve said goodbye to your garden during the harsh winter months because it’s too much hard work to maintain. You know it could do with some work during the winter months, but you’d rather not go out there in the wind and rain. However, you don’t have to do any of that if you swap your natural lawn for a garden with artificial grass.

Why Would Want to Install Artificial Grass in Winter?

Firstly, it’ll mean no more winter garden maintenance, and what’s more, your garden looks like it’s summer all year long. Just imagine, that just trimmed look and lush green lawn, and that’s even in the winter. That means when the sun does come out you can go into your garden and enjoy the sunshine.

DIY and install yourself

If you choose the DIY option, you’ll find that artificial grass is incredibly easy to install. You just need a calm, dry day and a free afternoon, and soon you’ll have that lawn fixed nice and neat. The only things you need to remember for your artificial grass to work for you is to make sure you have good drainage, and if you don’t, you’ll need to install a sub base of 3/4inches.

Money saving artificial grass

It is actually cheaper to get artificial grass installed throughout Winter. At Artificial Turf Scotland we have just introduced our winter pricing so get in touch today to see our unbeatable deals. Despite your initial investment in artificial grass you will save money in the long-run. What you’ll find is that you’ll spend less on maintenance and on keeping pests and weeds away, so no more pesticides, herbicides and fungicides in your garden budget. You won’t need to mow your lawn either or water it, so you should see a saving in your utility bills.

Install in winter and enjoy all year long

If you have artificial grass installed in winter, you won’t miss using your garden as you would in the summer, so it doesn’t matter if your garden is out of action for the afternoon. You’ll also find it’s cheaper too. Here at Artificial Grass we install artificial grass at a reduced rate in the winter. That means that if you invest in artificial grass now, you’ll save money rather than waiting until the summer to have it installed. It’s a bargain and winter pricing gives you an opportunity to install before spring, so that once the warmer months arrive, your garden will be picture perfect and ready for family gatherings on the lawn.

Artificial Turf Scotland for the best in quality artificial grass

If you’re looking to have artificial grass in Scotland then you’ll go to no one better than Artificial Turf Scotland, the premier retailers in artificial grass. We’ve installed artificial grass in hundreds of properties and we believe it is by far a better surface for your garden. Don’t worry, if you prefer to install yourself, we’re happy to let you do just that.