If you’re debating about artificial grass and turning your garden into an oasis of lush green, then you’ll need some idea of how to choose high quality artificial grass. There isn’t just one type and the quality can vary. So, in today’s post we’ll talk about this in more detail and hopefully, you’ll have a better understanding of you’re looking for.

If your lawn has been looking a little unkempt of late, then you may be on the lookout for a more tidy, clean improved version of what you have now. A beautifully well-kept lawn can really change the appearance of your garden for the better and make it an inviting area in which to relax with family and friends. It can also be the one thing that makes a potential buyer want to invest in your property, as first impressions count.

Weeding and mowing can often take too much time away from actually enjoying your garden, and this is often enough to make a person decide on artificial grass and move away from a more traditional lawn. There’s no more maintenance, no more mowing, so you save money and time. No more wrestling with gardening equipment or tools and more time devoted to relaxing and enjoying your garden.


When you’re looking for quality artificial grass, look out for the thickness of the fibres. The more fibres, the thicker it is, and of course this will make it stronger. It can also make it look more natural as well as resilient.

What Is The Backing Like?

Hopefully this will be a double backing rather than a single because it won’t last as long and is less stable. You want a grass that will give you a return on your investment and last many years.

What Type Of Coating Does It Have?

The coating is a protective layer underneath the backing of the grass. This coating is there for a reason and helps the fibres to stay firmly where they are.

Different Qualities

There are different qualities of artificial grass. There’s economy which is good for those on a tight budget and is really useful for the coverage of larger areas and because they have a stiff, more rigid surface, they’re easier to clean. The middle of the road type of quality will bring silicone coatings, and as a result, will give a more realistic appearance.

Luxury Underfoot

If you’re looking for something more luxurious, then the more expensive grasses are good, especially if they’re going to be in a more prominent area where it can be seen. You often get higher pile heights with the more luxurious artificial grasses, which naturally makes them much softer underfoot. It also makes for a really lovely surface for both pets and children.

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