Are you struggling with your garden and looking for low maintenance ways of keeping it in good condition? Well today’s the day where you find helpful ideas that might help you keep your garden in top condition without too much hard work. You can also get in touch with us for any further advice and guidance, because we stock the best artificial grass in Scotland, so if that’s your final choice of garden surface, you couldn’t come to a better place to get it.

To have a low maintenance garden you need to keep it fairly streamlined, either no plants or only a few. The fewer plants you have the less maintenance you’ll have to deal with.

How About Paving Stones, Gravel or Artificial Grass?

You could remove the lawn too, because as you probably already know, a lawn needs regular mowing and then you’ve got the maintenance of the mower itself and that costs money. You can either gravel it or put paving stones down, or slates, as these are easy to look after. Or perhaps you could replace your natural lawn with artificial grass. This is a particularly good option if you still want the aesthetic pleasure of a grassy lawn but want to dispense with the hard work.

One or Two Focal Points

It’s possible to have one or two focal points in your low maintenance garden. You can create some impressive focal points without too many things in your garden and still make an impact. Features such as a fountain, or a pond perhaps, and you could have fish too, or perhaps some small maintenance trees. The Japanese barberry, the river birch or the Katsura tree are some potential ideas to get you started.

Garden Seating

Take up some of the garden space with a seating area, surrounding by either artificial grass, paving or gravel, and instead of having flower beds how about some shrubs or hedges?

Cordon Off One Area For Your Favourite Flowers

You may have some flowers that you really love and would prefer to keep. If this is the case, then why not cordon off one area where your flowers can have pride of place, where you can water them and enjoy them without them taking over the entire garden.

Garden Decking

You could also install a wooden garden deck where you could sit out in summer. This could take up half your garden, leaving you with little work to do other than occasionally giving your decking a clean. This could be the seating and cooking area for you to entertain friends.

Artificial Turf – The Best in Artificial Turf Scotland

If you’re really in love with the idea of downsizing your garden to make it that little bit easier to care for, and you feel motivated by the ideas we’ve discussed today, why not get in touch with us here at Artificial Turf Scotland and we’ll be happy to help. Artificial grass is the perfect low maintenance surface for your garden and has tremendous longevity, so you’ll easily get your investment back over time. You’ll also have a great trouble-free surface you don’t need to do any work on. Give us a call today!