You may not associate the words artificial grass with the elderly, but there are so many good reasons why artificial grass is such a great idea for older people that we’ve come up with a post discussing the benefits. A healthy sized garden with an artificial grass is a wonderful thing, it provides endless opportunities to entertain outside when its sunny. Fun times with family, children and grandchildren which can make for some great memories.

Lawns Are Especially Hard Work To Maintain

The only snag is, an inviting, tidy and well-kept garden takes hard work, most of which is taken up by the lawn. Yes, mowing, keeping weeds and moss away, replacing bald patches, administering lawn feed. For the elderly this can be too much, and it’s a real shame because studies have shown that spending time outdoors in the garden and avoiding the sedentary lifestyle we can all fall into, especially the elderly, is beneficial. Keeping busy, being outside and pottering about all help to prolong life.

Take The Hard Work Out Of Maintaining The Garden

Tending to the lawn itself though can be difficult, so making it as easy as possible to maintain is crucial. For elderly people artificial grass provides light relief so they can still be active but not risk hurting themselves, that way the grass is taken care of and all that’s left is a little pruning and planting on the edges.

You Can Still Be Active But Take It Easier

Once artificial grass has been installed the hard work is over rid and there’s an end to the laborious maintenance involved in tending to the lawn. That way, anyone elderly can remain active, spend time in their gardens, but cut out the watering, cutting and ongoing repair of a natural lawn.

A Fabulous Garden Can Be Achieved Without a Natural Lawn

Just think, a lush green lawn all year round, and the difference this can make to your life, no more bald patches, no more muddy footprints through the house, no more grass stains.

Pets Are Great Friends, But The Muddy Paws Aren’t Always Welcome!

For older people, pets are treasured companions who love to play outside. However, the muddy dirty paws in the house and grass being dragged in doesn’t help matters much and makes maintaining a clean and tidy home difficult. This is eliminated once artificial grass has been installed, they can come and go, and they won’t be bringing half the garden back in with them.

Less To Do, More To Enjoy

More and more people are living independently in their 90s and artificial grass gives them perfect opportunities to have a garden that looks great all year round without any of the work. Instead there are just a few activities rather than an overwhelming amount, so it’s win-win all round.

Artificial Turf Scotland – For The Best In Artificial Grass

We hope you’re now convinced of the many benefits for the elderly and those with mobility issues. Artificial grass can make such a difference to an elderly person’s life and make gardening a much more manageable affair. Get in touch with us today, we serve a wide area for artificial grass in Scotland and we’re ready to discuss your individual requirements.