So, you’re thinking about having your artificial grass installed and if this is the case then you’ll need to get your grass prepped and ready. There’s a certain amount of pre-work involved, but it’s possible to get it done right as long as you know what you’re doing.

Firstly, you’ll need to remove the existing turf, and there is a wide range of tools available for this. It’ll consist of some fairly well-known tools such as a spade and turf cutter, all available from good DIY stores if you don’t have ones of your own. You’ll need to do some digging, and the soil will need to be dug to a depth of around 1 to 2.5 inches. The new artificial turf will need to sit about ½ an inch above the edging.

Suppress those weeds

You’ll need to provide some protection for your new turf. This is because there’s a fair chance that weeds and plants will grow through. If you don’t add some kind of protective layer, then weeds will come up through the artificial turf leaving it buckled and misshapen. You can use a sheet of membrane that suppresses weeds, and this is placed on the top of the ground and underneath your artificial grass. It’s easy to find in any DIY store just like the tools we mentioned above.


This is an important priority. Before the artificial turf is lain you need to apply a layer of something that can absorb fluids, it can be anything from crushed stone or grit to a layer of sand. This will give your soil a solid base and a well-drained surface beneath the grass. This will go over the membrane, and then after the membrane and sand, lay down a shock-absorbent material and this will give your artificial grass a lovely soft, springy cushioning.

Lay down your artificial grass and enjoy it.

Once you’ve done all this, your lawn is ready for the artificial grass to be laid. You’ll need to cut the new artificial turf to the right size and align it correctly, nail it in place each corner and then your new lawn is ready to enjoy for you and your family and friends.

Artificial Turf Scotland – Experts in Artificial Grass

You may find that although you have a fairly good idea of what needs to be done, you may not have the time. If you think you’d like to let someone else take care of it, then why not leave it in the capable hands of us here at Artificial Turf Scotland as we’ve had plenty of experience installing artificial grass in Scotland for many years and we have the expertise to get the job done well. Get in touch with the artificial grass experts today.