If you’ve neglected your garden of late then perhaps it’s time to get it ready for summer. You may think it’s too late now – after all it is already summer! And yes, you’re right, but it’s never too late to make an effort and get it looking pristine and fresh so you can sit down and enjoy the garden, regardless of how many weeks or months there are left of summer.

Artificial Grass Lawn

If you have a grass lawn you’ll find it requires care in summer just like it does in winter, although naturally it won’t be quite as much. However, if you’re a little fed-up with the cutting and feeding of a dry lawn, you could always consider a less high maintenance option. Artificial grass is a great option for a low maintenance garden and you can quickly turn yours into an oasis of peace and quiet, where’s no mowing or feeding involved at all.

It’s also great for summer sports like football, golf or anything else where you need a tidy flat surface. And with artificial grass you won’t have to have mowed it to get it flat, it’s just like that naturally.

Treating Wood

Now you’ve got your lawn fixed why not get the wood treated so it looks it’s best? By inspecting and treating any wooden furniture in your garden you’ll help it to last longer and of course, it’ll look much better too. We’re not just talking garden furniture either, we’re talking anything you have that’s made of wood such as doorsteps, decking, sheds and window frames. It’s all prone to damage in the winter and in the summer it’s time to bring it back to it’s former glory.

This can involve some treatment to prevent rot or even a fresh coat of paint.

The Patio

Clean your patio and make sure it’s ready for summer by going over it with a jet/power washer. You’ll see the dirt come away very quickly and once it’s clean you’ll see a tremendous difference, in fact it’ll look like new! If you have other things you need to clean on your patio, make sure you do that first, so your patio won’t be covered in dirt again, and then clean your patio.

Artificial Turf Scotland – Artificial Grass Specialists

If you like the idea of artificial grass for your garden, then why not get in touch with us here at Artificial Turf Scotland and we’ll talk you through our versatile range of artificial grasses. It’ll give you the time and freedom to enjoy your garden through summer without any of the hard work. Give us a call today.