Artificial grass isn’t just great for the garden it’s also great for all sorts of other things to do, one of those things is sports. Today then, we’re going to be talking about all the great things you can do using artificial grass for sports.

Artificial grass and the beautiful game

There are so many sports out there who are now coming around to the idea of using artificial grass. One of those sports of course is the beautiful game – football. In fact, football pitches were one of the first to recognise the usefulness of artificial grass long before other sports joined in. Artificial grass offers great cushioning with the right underlay, so it helps players to perform safely and helps to improve performance. It’s so good that it’s promoted by FIFA.

Cricket and Golf have now started to warm to the benefits of artificial grass

This gorgeous surface works with both cricket and golf perfectly by allowing for a manicured flat surface which is easy to play on. It’s certainly not unusual today to see golf courses with artificial grass without any concerns being raised as to the quality of the surface. A golf course sees a lot of footfall and what with rain and snow in winter, it can become muddy and patchy. Not so with artificial grass. It’s lush and green all year round giving players more opportunities to play.


Hockey is another game that’s seeing the benefits of artificial grass, it’s now used on pitches all over the country. It’s perfect for hockey because it’s a dynamic surface that’s perfect for the speed of the ball. Hockey uses what’s known as water based artificial pitches which seem to work really well for players due to its ability to protect players with both ball speed and durability.

Even bowling is seeing a real surge in artificial grass use

The surface is great for bowls and in many ways is superior to natural lawn grass. It’s both durable and low maintenance and very easy to play on. It’s naturally embraced by those who love bowling and at both the higher end of the game and at the lower end.


Work on your putting in the comfort of your own garden with a bespoke artificial green. Many golf clubs and driving ranges are investing in artificial grass as well, particularly for practice areas to prevent them becoming worn out.

Artificial Turf Scotland – for quality, first class artificial grass

So, are you convinced of the versatility of artificial grass now? We know we love it and we also know what our clients say and why the sporting world loves it as much as it does. Why don’t you get in touch with us today and find out how artificial grass can benefit your sports field, or even just your garden for a mini golf course for you and your family or a bowling area for you and a friend.