The summer will be very busy for most families, there’ll be the children to keep entertained, the job, the house, the garden to take care of. Yes, the garden. And how on earth are you meant to fit that in? After all, it’s probably starting to look a little faded, but who has the time to deal with it?

That’s why we’ve come up with this week’s post on how to revamp your garden beautifully and quickly, so you can get on with the rest of the summer.


How about some quick and easy jobs so you can get some planting done, but it won’t have you mopping your brow and wishing you hadn’t started. We would start with some quick and simple potted plants which you can get from your nearest garden centre. There is such a great variety these days, so you’re bound to find something that suits. Try something tough and resilient, they’ll need to last now through to autumn.

Raised beds are not for sleeping

You could also create a simple raised bed and plant some herbs and vegetables. Perhaps something like sage, chives and thyme and then also plant a few tomatoes. Finally, a vertical garden, where it only occupies a small portion of your actual garden. This could be up your wall, or in a long box, or you could just buy a kit for exactly this type of small garden area.

Have you considered artificial grass?

We’re bias but we believe that if you’re truly tired of constantly having to cut, mow and tidy up the lawn then artificial grass is a solution. It’s clean, lush, green grass that stays like that all year round, no treating it with chemicals to get rid of weeds and moss, no mowing – ever.

Add some paving

To add some interesting visuals, to your garden, how about some pavers, some patio tiles made of plastic rather than concrete will be easier to lay yourself, but if you want a proper pathway, then possibly concrete might be best. You could use then as a place in which to put your garden furniture and create an impromptu area where you can dine.

Wildlife with butterflies, hedgehogs and birds

If you’re keen on wildlife you can also have a bird house in your garden, possibly a small one to start with and then a larger more impressive one later if you’re really keen. You can also supplement this with a butterfly feeder with liquid food, you can place this near your flowers and why not create a special hedgehog pathway? All it takes is cutting a hole in your hedge or fence, so the little critters can come in and out.

Get your garden clean and tidy

Now it’s summer, it’s the perfect time to get your garden in tip top condition. Clean out the gutters, make sure they’re fighting fit for autumn and winter. This is the perfect time to do it while the weather is dry and mild. Also, do some weeding, get rid of those stubborn little things and get your garden in pristine condition.

Fencing repairs

Of course, artificial grass, if you’ve had it installed, will eliminate the weed problem, so have another think about this super lawn alternative. Finally fix any holes or other damage to your fencing, whether you have wooden or plastic fencing, or hedging. For the same reason as repairing your gutters, this time of year is perfect for repairs, while the weather is dry.

Artificial Turf for the best in quality artificial grass

Have we turned you on to the prospect of artificial grass? If so, and we sincerely hope we have, then get in touch with us here at Artificial Turf, where you’ll find someone more than willing to help you. We can even install your artificial grass for you and save you the labour, why not contact us today?