If you’ve had artificial grass installed in your garden and you’re worried about whether it’s safe for pets, perhaps you’re getting a dog or a cat, then fear not because artificial grass is perfect for animals. We wouldn’t recommend it for our customers if we didn’t think it worked well – and it does.

Low Maintenance and Perfect for Pets.

A simple life and a lawn that looks just like the real thing. Not only does artificial grass conveniently replace the natural lawn you once struggled to maintain, it also makes life much simpler for your cats or dogs. Today’s artificial grass is sophisticated enough to pass for real grass, so much so that your dog or cat will think it’s the real thing. An artificial surface is lush and green, and just perfect for your pet to run around and play on.

Put your Pet’s Safety First.

No more need for the use of poisonous pesticides or herbicides. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen a natural lawn requires a lot more maintenance, and as a result will need weeds and moss removed. Sometimes, rather than uprooting them by hand, home owners will use chemicals and pesticides to rid their gardens of them. This can be poisonous for pets, and this goes some way in explaining why many have their lawns removed and replaced with artificial grass. There are even some natural flowers and plants that can have a deadly impact on your dogs or cats, therefore an artificial surface is the perfect alternative..

Allergy Free.

Say goodbye to allergies – for your pets too! If there are allergies– and it isn’t just humans who suffer with them, pets do too, then artificial grass is the answer. Don’t let them suffer the indignities of constant sneezing and the misery of not being able to go outside.

Say Goodbye to Mud and Mess!

No more muddy footprints. What you’ll also be pleased to hear is that you won’t have your pets dragging mud in with their muddy paws. No more grass stains, no more muddy footprints, yes, your dogs can get as excited as they like out playing, they won’t be bringing in half the garden with them when they return.

Suited to Your Specific Needs.

A versatile range of grasses means you can have the kind of artificial grass garden that suits your family’s needs. Artificial turf has come a long way since its invention and with a range of different grasses you can find a surface that’s perfect for you and your dog or cat. Whichever type of garden you have we’ll have something that really works for you. And what’s more it’ll look green, lush and pristine all year round and not just during spring and summer.

Artificial Turf Scotland – for all your artificial grass needs.

If you still don’t have artificial grass yet, then why never not? Why not give us a call and we can arrange a free design consultation at a time that suits you. We have a wide variety of turf models with a ten-year guarantee, and they’re all tough and easy to maintain. Give us a call or contact us today!