It may seem bizarre but artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular as a floor surface indoors as well as outdoors. Why? Well, it’s a really great floor surface to start off with, and every bit as robust as carpet or laminate flooring, and perhaps a little bit more caring for your feet than wooden floorboards. It’s also a fun way of turning your rooms into a playful, relaxing area to rest your feet.

Bring the grass indoors!

Bringing the outside inside is a great way of creating that fun, quirky space you call home, but it’s also great for offices too. If you have an office at work or at home, having artificial turf under your feet may help you to feel more relaxed when you’re working. It could also double as a putting green, so when you need to stretch your legs and get away from the computer, you can have a quick round of golf to de-stress! It’s also been known to increase productivity too, so it might be something worth considering.

Cafes, bars, restaurants and even pets love it.

It’s also often used in cafes, bars and restaurants too! It’s also pet friendly and extremely robust as artificial turf could be, so don’t worry if you’re at home or at work, it’ll be fine. And your pets will love it as much as they love the outdoor version! Artificial grass can last many years, so don’t worry if your children and your pets use it to play on, it will last every bit as long as any conventional flooring.

Media and entertainment rooms and the gym.

Sometimes artificial turf is great in an entertainment/media room for the family. As well as the comfort factor, it’s also great as an area for play when you’re not watching TV or playing games. The kids can use it to play on and then the adults can use it for bowls, golf or simply as a quiet area to do yoga or Pilates. You could even have a gym room complete with equipment, and with the soft surface of artificial grass flooring, you have the perfect combination for a good workout!

Bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens.

You can also have this type of flooring in your bathroom, children’s bedrooms, pet area or the kitchen even. There are no limits to what you can do, and it makes for a really unique and original addition to the décor in your home, one which will have people talking for all the right reasons!

Artificial Turf Scotland – for a wide range of versatile and good quality artificial grasses.

So, do you think your home is now ready for an artificial grass surface? We know that you’ll be impressed with our range of grasses, and there’s bound to be one that’s right for you, so why not give us a call and we can talk about your needs and help you choose the right grass. We can even install it for you if you prefer not to do it yourself.