Grass as an alternative to carpet? Yes, we know it sounds crazy, but if the number of customers we have who enjoy having grass as their ‘alternative carpet’ are anything to go by, we know it can work. There are different ways you can make an artificial grass surface work in your home and we can’t wait to tell you abut them. By the time we’ve finished we believe you’ll be converted and start to see artificial grass as more than just a garden.

Children’s bedrooms.

How about a surface that reminds them of the outdoors, even when they can’t go outside? Artificial grass indoors, and especially one that’s cut to the size of your child’s bedroom, so it covers all of the surface is a dream come true for your daughter or son. They can play on it, roll around on it, and because it’s a non-slip surface, they won’t fall and hurt themselves.

Easy to clean and maintain – indoors as well as outdoors.

Any stains are easy to wash out and moisture doesn’t get trapped on to the strands, so anything you spill is easy to wash out. You may be surprised to know that artificial grass can also be vacuumed too, just like you would with a regular carpet. Unlike when you install artificial grass in your garden, don’t use a sand infill, so that way you won’t end up with a vacuum cleaner full of sand.

The beauty of synthetic grass carpets extends to the adults of the house too.

Don’t forget artificial grass isn’t just for children either, it’s fabulous for the grown ups too! Use it in the games room, the family room, home office, (or work office for that matter) or even in the living room. Yes, just put your feet up of an evening and let your toes sink into that grassy surface, close your eyes and you’re somewhere else and not in rainy old Britain.

How about a mini golf course in the home office?

If you have time for a quick round in-between client calls, you can just take out the put and a few simple shots to get the endorphins pumping. You don’t have to let the poor weather outside spoil all the fun. The same technology is used for all of our grasses that’s used for sports grounds, so it’s good quality every time.

Artificial Turf Scotland – for all your artificial and synthetic grass carpet needs.

If you’ve now decided that artificial grass is now for you – indoors as well as outdoors, why not give us a call? We can help you create the right kind of surface for your home, and we can help you choose the right fibre grass so you’re getting the kind of quality, fun grass surface of your dreams. Get in touch today and give yourself a grass carpet!